How much weight does the Zillow “Zestimate” of my home carry?

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With the rise of popularity of listing site, almost everyone is familiar with the “zestimate” – zillow’s estimate of what a property is “worth”.  Interestingly, the listing website says itself that they’re not very accurate.


How does zillow come up with the estimates of worth?

  • Zillow’s zestimate is calculated by a computer formula using data entered into public records and user-entered data to assign a value of worth.

How accurate is a zillow zestimate?

  • In Los Angeles, zillow rates themselves 3 out of 4 stars in accuracy
  • There are 2.9 million homes on zillow in L.A, of those 2.9 million have been assigned a zestimate
  • Zillow states that of those estimates, they think that they are within 5% accuracy of the actual sales price only 39.9% of the time for homes in LA.
  • Zillow states that their zestimate is within 10% of the actual “worth” of Los Angeles homes about 65.8% of the time.
  • Zillow states their zestimate is within 20% of the actual worth 86.6% of the time in Los Angeles.
  • Their median error is calculated at 6.6% in Los Angeles.

Zillow Zestimate Accuracy Los Angeles


A property’s “worth” is really what a buyer is willing to pay for it and a seller is willing to sell it for.

How do these statistics relate to the worth of a property?

  • Let’s say for example a Los Angeles property has a zestimate of $1,200,000.  That being said – zillow is stating that there is 60.1% chance that their zestimate is 5% off of the actual worth of the property.  What does that mean?  $60,000 dollars in either direction.  If you’re going off the zestimate to value the home, you could either be leaving $60,000 dollars on the table of what the property could sell for, or overpaying by as much as $60,000.  That’s on the conservative side. Zillow states there is a 13.4% chance that they’re off by as much as 20% in value.  For the same $1,200,000 dollar house – that’s a $240,000 dollar swing!  That is a lot of money to either lose or overpay for a property.

Zillow says, the zestimate is “a starting point in determining a home’s value”.

So what’s the best way to know the real value of a property?

  • Have a real estate agent who’s an expert in the area visit the property and perform a comparative market analysis of the home.
  • Hire a local expert appraiser to perform an appraisal of the home

There is no computer program out there who can do the kind of analysis that a realtor or appraiser who is an expert in their field can complete to value a home.  While the zestimate can be a fun tool to help give an idea of what a home might be worth, if you want a truly accurate estimate of the worth of a home you’ll need to look at more information.  Bring in an expert to help you sort through the nuances and individual characteristics of each property for a more accurate estimate.


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