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Episode 7 features F.Ron Smith, President of Leverage Global Partners and Co-Founder of Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions.  This episode is so packed with incredible lessons, you’re going to want to get out your notepad and take notes for this one, Shifters!  I think this is one of the most powerful interviews I’ve ever heard and the lessons I learned from him in this conversation have been truly life-changing in both the way that I think about my business and how I structure my time in my personal life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The mindset for achieving success with no limitations
  • Treating Real Estate as a Business
  • Creating a System and a Platform to take control of your financial future
  • F.Ron’s 40/30/20/10 Philosophy (a model you can plug and play with to create your own secure financial future)
  • Balancing a successful business and a successful personal life
  • Nurturing relationships and taking care of yourself to be able to engage and be at 100%
  • A Mentorship model you can put into practice
  • Generating happiness through sharing, educating others & coming from a mindset of abundance

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F.Ron quotes:

“It’s amazing what you can do when you have to”

“If you do not listen to the people who tell you what your limitations are, you have no limitations”

“I took a leap of faith by bringing on an associate, that by paying someone, I would be able to do exponentially more business.  It enabled me to be able to treat real estate the way it should be – and that’s as a business”

“By keeping in touch with clients as the years went by, the individuals that I sold condominiums to ended up buying homes.  They got promoted and doing better in business.  Over a 20 year span I’ve gone from selling $3 to $400,000 dollar properties to $18- $20 million dollar properties.  Same mindset – same approach.  You just have to be really hands on, care about the outcome, and be more concerned about your clients than you are about the paycheck.”

“I’ve learned to ask questions.  I make it a point to gravitate toward like-minded people. I’ve made it a point to have savant like follow through over the years.”

On a weekly and monthly basis: “I make it a point to reach out and contact 3 people a day, and I make it a point to reach out to my client base once a month via email and then once a month via a letter or an update on what’s going on.”  

“I always want to be able to provide relevant information”

“Focus on what you know and share that information”

“I don’t want people to get too caught up in social media and forget what we’re doing – we’re here to sell homes.  We’re here to sell real estate.  If you have a balance, it works out beautifully”

“I did not have the connection with my parents growing up , I made a commitment when I got married that I was going to break that chain and I was going to have the type of family relationship that I wanted to have growing up.”

“I’ve got so many of my contemporaries that put so many hours into their business and not realizing that a relationship with your significant other necessitates equal time, you’ve got to put the time in, and I happen to enjoy it.  It is such a balance and it is so easy to do today”

“To this day, I’m wondering where my next deal is coming from, to this day I wake up every morning and say, what am I going to do today?  I’ve had challenging periods in the mid 80’s – the market was very difficult. I overextended myself financially in 1984 and that was the most sobering period of my life and that enabled me to realize two things, You’ve got to live within your means, and you have got to save.  It enabled me to come up with the 40/30/20/10 philosophy, and that is: 40 percent of your income is set aside for personal living, 30 percent of your income is set aside for taxes, 20 percent is set aside for business and 10 percent is set aside for investments.  As time goes on you can massage those numbers.”

The reality is, because we are independent contractors, because of the fact that we are in control of our financial future, we have got to have discipline, and we have got to be able to create that platform.

On how to take control of your financial future: “You have to do it.  You have to do it.  Regardless of the position you are in, you have to pick a day in your life when you’re going to start this program.

“Everyone listening today should identify 3 people in their life that they want to have as mentors – people they look up to and people they respect – meet once a month.  30 minute meeting, show up 10 minutes early. Don’t let it go beyond 30 minutes. Send a thank you email following up and schedule the next meeting.”

“I’ve never lost the passion for asking questions.”

“The most successful people, the happiest people, get up out of bed every day looking for that next opportunity – that next great thing to do.  They just want more”

“There are no limitations as to what you can do as to what you can have. You have to identify what you want, you have to come up with a game plan and you have to go for it.  There are no ceilings, the only thing holding you back is yourself.”


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Leverage Global Partners: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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