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Episode 14 features Kerby Skurat, who left a corporate job to become a Realtor in 2008.  He began with Commercial real estate and transitioned to Residential.  With his wife Cristina, Kerby has built a real estate team through creating systems which now produce over $750K in net profits annually.  I met Kerby in 2011 when I sold him his first lead generating license back when I was the Director of Business Development at the tech startup I worked for.  In the time I’ve known Kerby & Cristina, I’ve seen them grow their business to where it is now – each year doubling their past year’s business.  In this episode, Kerby shares his strategy for crafting their business, he talks about the mentors he’s learned from and emulated, he shares the structure of their team and their business and discusses their work / life dynamic and his big WHY.  This episode is truly packed with resources, inspiration, ideas and goodness.

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Kerby quotes:

“If you don’t write it down, it’s not going to happen. That stuff when it’s on your brain, continue with a focus everyday that you didn’t think possible. You don’t get distracted. If you can sit down and write out a vision for your life and work towards that.”

“My big why is truly my family.”

“The people we find the most success with are the corporate folks, type seller or buyer just really understand our model and our system. They like efficiency, they know that everything is taken care of.”

“Henry Ford Quote: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

“I just live with that glass is half full approach.”

“Find a system and a model and then implement that model and system into your business.”

“When we find negativity on our team, we definitely try to cut it out like cancer.”

“I’m always asking questions, I’m a big question based selling proponent…there’s a book called Question Based Selling… and that’s one thing I’m a huge believer in. The more questions we can ask as human beings, we’re in control of conversations. I believe in hiring and keeping self managed people.”

“If you can’t afford to track, you can’t afford to market. That’s from Jay Kinder. I decided to track everything with my business. Understanding the efficiency of a lead and understanding the efficiently of a marketing dollar. It’s understanding of those metrics. The only way you make money  in any service business is the appointment. What is the true cost for me to meet with this specific lead source and how likely is that met appointment going to turn into a buyer/seller.”

“Business planning and building the systems and the tools is what drives me.”

“The idea of having something that’s going to be here for 300 years after I’m gone. If we can build businesses that can stand the test of time and operate without me, that can impact lives, how we train managers and how they train people.”

“30 people that come into work and are excited about what they do. If you can come in and enjoy what you do and enjoy the people that you’re with, that makes your life a whole lot better.  And then going back to the Compound Effect. Like if you can enjoy your work for 30 years. Being able to give our kids the opportunity to live a life they never thought possible.”

“There’s definitely days when you get frustrated. When I get like that, my wife is really good at encouraging me. We both have days like that. We try to get into a different state, use that positive focus to try and push through it and realize that tomorrow is another day and it will be better.”

“If you are a solo agent and doing 24-40 sales a year, I would really think about growing, I would encourage you to take that first step and get an assistant and take that non dollar productive activity off your plate. If you want to grow your business and the lifestyle that you really want, you’ve got to have a full time assistant to get you to that next level.”

Kerby’s Recommended Reads:

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


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