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Episode 12 features Dean Baker who began his real estate career while he was still in high school.  Coming from humble beginnings as the son of a contractor in Yucca Valley, California, Dean realized quickly that real estate sales might be a better path to success than doing the concrete and framing of the homes he and his father were building.  He became a real estate salesperson while his friends were still flipping burgers.  He started with lot sales, facing less resistance from clients who might be concerned about his young age not needing to see lot owners face to face to sell their land.  He faced many challenges in the beginning of his career.  With no training provided, he felt the pangs of slow sales.  He did some work in Air Conditioning, but ultimately came back to real estate with a determination to make it work.  And he did more than that – he thrived.  He positioned himself next to the top producer in the office and began to listen to the language he was using.  I had to laugh when I heard this – Dean was the top producer at Coldwell Banker where I began my real estate career and this is exactly the same tactic I had employed setting up my desk right outside his office so I could hear how he spoke and what he was doing to have achieved such great success.  Dean’s determination crosses many fields – he earned his Private Pilot’s License at age 19 and has owned a number of airplanes, he’s also got a glider rating and hot air balloon rating too.  It’s always been Dean’s dream to start his own real estate company.  In the midst of the economic downturn he took what he calls a calculated risk and established Lake Havasu City Properties, building a brokerage founded on the principles of education and support.  He used savings and worked to establish a company during a time when most were closing up shop.  He felt that if he could build a firm where the agents felt supported and empowered during a time where the market was down, when the market shifted they’d be primed for greater success.  He was right.  This was a really fun episode for me to be able to record.  Dean was one of my earliest mentors and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring him to the show so he can share his journey with you.

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Dean quotes:

“I didn’t do so well the first couple years.  I installed Air Conditioning units in the 120 degree weather.  I went back into real estate with the determination that I was going to succeed no matter what.  I moved my desk next to the top producer so I could hear how he spoke and mimic what he did.”

“My success has been through being stable and continuing to work every day and just staying the course.  I work it like a 40 hour a week job.  Real estate is a prospecting business”

“I found my niche in bulk mail, doing close to 30,000 pieces of mail each year.”

“I’ve always been disciplined and dedicated.  I’ve made just as much money in investing in real estate as I have through real estate commissions.  I invest in what I sell.”

“As a new agent, you need a mentor and an educator, someone who supports you and understands what you’re going through.”

“I really work 40 hours a week and I take weekends off.  I schedule appointments around my desired schedule because my family comes first.”

“I like being a listing agent because then I can better control my time.”

“I have always been frugal.  I have found success through keeping savings and keeping my debt low.  I feel like if you don’t have the cash to buy something, you really can’t afford it.”

“I don’t always look for the big home runs on investment properties.  While I have made some of those, most of the money I’ve made has been through a lot of little houses and the equity I’ve built in those rental properties.  I have a saying, ‘pigs get fatter and hogs get slaughtered'”

“I believe in setting big goals.  I like to visualize and reward myself with things.  I’ll cut out a picture of something I want and tape it to my desk, or write things down that I wanted to do and cross them off as I achieve them.  I look at the picture and psych myself up and make it happen.”


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