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Episode 10 of Real Shift Radio features Dana Cataldi, a very bright star in the Los Angeles Real Estate market.  I sat down with Dana for a very candid conversation about her journey and the path that led her to real estate.  From meager beginnings Dana has been inspired by the strength of her single mom and worked hard to achieve the success she now enjoys in her real estate career.  The story of how she got here is very entertaining, join us for the conversation of how she began in radio, transferred to Los Angeles and subsequently became a Realtor.  A leader both in her field and amongst her peers, Dana’s insanely effective time management skills, warmth, authenticity & transparency shine through in this great conversation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Gaining strength through helping clients navigate situations
  • Scheduling your day and time blocking for success
  • Shifting into balance and success
  • Connecting with your core values
  • Mind-mapping on paper:  a method to accomplish financial and spiritual goals (or pretty much anything you want to achieve)
  • Building an ambassador pool in your field
  • Connecting and sticking to your boundaries (write them down!)

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Dana quotes:

“I don’t think of myself as a business person, I think of myself as a people person.  For me, my business has been created from being a people person.  I love people, I tell them like it is.  I’ve become a damn good negotiator.  When you’re dealing with clients going through things, it makes you strong.  From being that person that people can relate to, It’s made me a great business person.”

“Mom is a hard worker, she is one of my mentors.  She set a table for us that was about paying it forward, giving back, earning your keep.  It was tough love but it was such amazing love.”

“I do one day at a time.  My other mantra.  If I look at my entire week my head would explode”

“I believe in always paying it forward, I believe in the ability to rise above being a victim, I genuinely and honestly care, I have the ability to be playful and channel my inner child always, I love my friends and family with all my heart, I have the ability to always keep it real and authentic, I believe in giving rather than taking, I have been a rock for so many people, but I have my rocks as well (my angels, the people who are my mentors), I know that I can’t take it with me, so I embrace each day, I know that joy, peace and happiness are the bricks of my own foundational moral compass.”

“We are surrounded all the time, with people that are a victim.  You can’t bring out your inner child, you can’t be that rock for somebody else if you’re in that space.  I always want to rise above that.”

“I think the first thing that someone has to do is get real with themselves.  I think things just unfold.  That makes you be able to be real with your clients, your family and your friends.”

“My dream for my life.  It’s sort of funny, my dream would be at the end of my life, to be able to look back and know that I’ve touched hundreds of people in way or the other.  My mom did it, I think I do it. I think that everyone could come from a place of giving, I feel like it can be a meeting of the minds, not a one way, my way, I think that if everyone would operate that way we could be in a really great space.”


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